Coding and writing led to mentoring team members. It did not take long for this work to evolve into teaching and presenting.

Topics and channels

Over the years many thousands of developers joined Manfred in remote and in-person training courses, presentations and booth discussions at conferences, and broadcasts on numerous platforms:

  • Host and speaker at Trino Summit, Data Mesh conference and other events for Starburst
  • Leader and trainer of the cloud and developer support training team at WalmartLabs
  • Git and GitHub training for numerous audiences and clients
  • Kubernetes, OneOps, and cloud-native training classes
  • Various CI/CD and DevOps classes
  • Nexus training for Sonatype, Telus, and others
  • Maven training for Salesforce, Sonatype, Nexus, Takari and others


Presentations, lighting talks, panel discussions, workshops, user meetups, and other events. I have led all of these on various topics at conferences like:

  • Trino Summit
  • OracleWorldJavaOne
  • AnDevCon
  • DevOpsDays
  • Jenkins User Conference