Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-04

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Easier Android test reporting with Maven and Hudson

Despite being considered immature and/or a waste of time by many, automated testing of Android applicationis possible. Arguably it should be in the repertoire of any serious Android developer, but today I am not going to delve into this discussion and talk about Robotium, Robolectric and so on. I am just going to show you how it just got a lot easier .
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • This is gonna be a fun test. ♻ @CharlieCollins: Google TV preview SDK add on for Android now public: #
  • Evidently I am someone who meets with XYZ only on my own terms 😉 #
  • added my 2c to @donnfelker post about i18n #
  • Applies to Eclipse Hudson as well #hudsonci ♻ @javarebel: Top 10 Jenkins Must-Have Features/Plugins #
  • On @Quora: Android Market: What are the dominant and maybe preinstalled Android appli… Answer: #
  • Rofl… ♻ @mrhinkle: Somebody should have used this headline – Apple Cuts Jobs, Promotes Cook – #apple #
  • Sometimes my distaste for market research reports really gets me into trouble. #fail #
  • The new #maven #android plugin works like a charm on my project. Finally can see test reports in #hudsonci without any painful setup. #
  • After some more open source work on #ksoap2 for #android I am done for tonight. #
  • Had a great time talking about startups, android, mobile and more with @alkarim from the rocking @bnotions team. #
  • I finally got #android 3.1 for my wifi #xoom here in CA. Thanks @Motorola @Motorola_CA .. now bring 3.2 😉 #
  • Dont forget to come to the #vijug meeting about #apachecxf tonight at #inhub #yyj #
  • Ready for the first #vijug meeting at @inhubcowork rocking #apachecxf webservices and more. #
  • Put myself in a pickle committing to the wrong branch. Good thing it was a local branch and I am using #git 😉 #
  • ♻ @romannurik: Two great Android design presos: (1) from @multikev ( and (2) from @lehtimaeki ( #
  • Hardcore forking action completed .. onto hardcore hacking. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • Outcomes from #gogle and #motorola shops4apps merged into market, motodev studio merged into ADT, ice cream sandwich dev device from moto #
  • Awesome! apklib support for the #maven #android plugin♻ @intellijidea: [blog] IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.2 Release Candidate #
  • Good to see that #Maven is appreciated by its users. #
  • If you are an #android dev you should book a ticket to #andevcon now with the discount code MOSER. #
  • Want to learn about #android related #testing #hudsonci #maven and more. Come to my talks @AnDevCon and use the discount code MOSER 😉 #
  • The @motodev team really is super helpful when you get to chat to them. #
  • Documenting the creation of different views and job lists in #hudsonci So powerful, but that means there is a lot to write.. #
  • Rofl .. @MichaelDell: If HP spins off their PC business….maybe they will call it Compaq? #
  • Thanks you @abebooks for providing a meeting venue for our #vijug meetings and bringing great speakers too. #
  • Haha… go with the flow! ♻ @Sharat_Chander: When you don’t know where you’re going, every road will take you there. #
  • On @Quora: Android Market: What are the dominant and maybe preinstalled Android appli… Answer: #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

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Android Open Source Development Tools at OSCON 2011

I am at OSCON Java 2011 and just finished presenting about Android open source development tools covering the supplied default tools in the SDK and going way beyond covering libraries and tools for all sorts of aspects of Android application development. With just under 30 people in the audience I went through a whirlwind tour of Android IDE’s, development tools, suitable Java and Android libraries and a lot more.

The slides are available for download (smaller file) and should give you great resource to dig deeper since all links are right there and active. Following up on just a few of the ideas will hopefully make you a more productive Android developer and inspire you to participate and join open source Android activities.

Enjoy and let me know if they are useful for you


Update: Added a short version of the presentation that removes the slides for the transitions as requested by @shawnlauzon

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • The count down for OSCON is closing in on me. Looks like there will be another late night preso prepping. #
  • I just love coding. And using #LaTeX beamer making a presentation is coding too 😉 #
  • Hey @Motorola_CA my wifi xoom is still stuck on 3.0.1 … where or how can I get an official update? #
  • Shorter than usual but still pure genius. Thx for the laughs Steve! ♻ @timbray: eBay Patents 10-Click Checkout: #
  • Enjoy route to #osconj with some #jvmlang and community leadership summit in the mix. Excited! #

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