Community and open source

Coding, writing, and teaching eventually results in community leadership. Open source software and the communities around various project are a special passion. My participation includes code and project management work, and normal community participation such as filing bugs, writing blog posts, or helping on chats.

Following is a number of community and open source leadership involvements:

  • Community and developer advocate for Trino
  • Co-host of the Trino Community Broadcast
  • Leader of the WalmartLabs Open Source Program Office
  • Founder, main organizer, host and regular speaker of the Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG
  • Founder and main organizer of the Google Developer Group Victoria, BC
  • Organizer of the fireside chat for Android community leaders at AnDevCon
  • Maven developer community hangouts host and organizer
  • Nexus Live broadcasts and other community events for Sonatype