It all started with Assembler and Basic on the Commodore 64, Amiga, and CP/M. Over the years since then Manfred has done a lot of problem solving, code wrangling, hacking, and debugging. Programming languages and tools can be counted in the dozens, and a strong focus is the involvement in the Java and open source communities.

Most current projects and more information can be found on GitHub in the simpligility organization and the mosabua username.

Following are a number of involvements from the present and past:

  • Trino Software Foundation maintainer, contributor, and advocate
  • Apache Software Foundation member and Apache Maven committer and advocate
  • Eclipse Software Foundation member and committer on the Hudson continuous integration server
  • Jenkins continuous integration server contributor and plugin developer
  • Contributor and developer at Takari for polyglot-maven, maven-wrapper and other projects
  • Contributor to Sonatype Nexus and the Maven Central Repository processes and infrastructure
  • Android developer and community advocate:
    • Project lead for android-maven-plugin and maven-android-sdk-deployer
    • Project lead for ksoap2-android
    • Contributor on Robotium, RoboGuice, Robolectric
    • Deep knowledge of pipelines for build, test, CI/CD publish and more
    • Android mobile application development for a top 5 electronics retail company
    • Application development with barcode scanning, video player, document display, interactive charts and more
  • Long time specialization on development and infrastructure tooling long before DevOps was a thing
  • Infosec involvement over many years
  • Lots of SQL and database work as business intelligence consultant
  • Implementation of JasperServer as the backend report rendering and administration engine for a multi-client real-estate web application
  • Web development since about 1990 with a myriad of stacks and tools