In service of Trino and Commander Bun Bun


It all started many years ago when I regularly taught virtual and in person training classes for Apache Maven and Sonatype Nexus. At some stage when working on the Takari material Jason van Zyl suggested that we use Trino (then still called Presto) as an example for a Maven multi-module project. That was the first time I got in contact with the Trino codebase.

That first contact used Trino as an example project. I explained concepts such as organization pom, parent pom, dependency management, and so on. Essentials for everyone working on a real-world project with Maven. Since then my involvement with Trino has grown a lot.

I joined Starburst at the same time as the founders of the project Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips.
One of my first tasks was co-authoring the frog book Presto: The Definitive Guide with Martin Traverso and Matt Fuller for O’Reilly Media.

I ramped up documentation and other work for Starburst Enterprise, Trino, and recently also Starburst Galaxy at Starburst, building up a team of information engineers over the years.

We built up events around Trino with Jess Iandiorio, Mandy Darnell, and team, and started the community broadcast with Brian Olsen when he joined us at Starburst.

Another milestone was the rename of PrestoSQL to Trino, the whole rebranding of the website with Alison Loney, and the finding and naming of our mascot Commander Bun Bun.

We started a real effort around Trino developer relations, and improved events like Trino Summit, the upcoming Trino Fest, and also Trino Contributor Congregations and Trino Maintainer Meetups.

I updated the book to a rebranding and a second edition with the new name, Trino: The Definitive Guide, and translations to Polish and soon Chinese.

Our developer relations work also ramped up PR reviews, documentation, collaboration with contributors, and cooperation with other projects and communities.

All this work has been amazing to be a part of, and I look forward to many further improvements for you all out there in the Trino community and beyond.

Most recently I was accepted as a maintainer for the project, joining an amazing group of really dedicated individuals (and friends) in their work to even more success for Trino. We chatted more about this with my fellow new maintainer, James Petty, in the Trino Community Broadcast episode 47.

I am really excited to share some of the latest and greatest news and innovations from the community at the upcoming lakehouse summer camp, Trino Fest 2023. Cole Bowden and myself will host the show and guide you all through the sessions at the free, virtual two-half-day event. Make sure you are registered and maybe submit a speaker proposal or contact us as sponsor.

And if you want to meet in person, I am attending Open Source Summit 2023 in Vancouver this week. Contact me directly or find me on the Trino community chat.

Until then, let me get back to my service for Trino, Commander Bun Bun, and all the Trino users out there. So much to do, many more years to go! Trino just reached 10 years of age… lets go for 25 at least. Linux can do it .. so can Trino.


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