Trino guide for everyone in 2023

It has been a bit over two months now and our book Trino: The Definitive Guide has been spreading like wildfire in the Trino community. Starburst has sponsored the digital copy for everyone, so you can get your free PDF for yourself easily. And at the recent Trino Summit and Trino Contributor Congregation we were able to distribute and sign hardcopies as well. So the knowledge about Trino is spreading. But another wave is planned for 2023!

In the background the team from O’Reilly, myself and numerous members of the Trino community have been busy spreading the word. To truly reach a large audience however means that you have to translate your work. While English is well understood in the IT industry it just does create another barrier to entry, when learning complex concepts and new technologies. So a translated book can help tremendously, and in that line of thought we now have some really good news.

Chinese edition

Following up on the translation of the earlier book (Presto: The Definitive Guide), the second edition of the Trino book is again being translated and will be published by China Machine Press. A bit shout out and thank you goes to them and all our users across the Pacific.

Polish edition

On the other side of the globe, we have a huge community of Trino maintainers and contributors in Poland. You can also find an active open source and Java community there, and I am glad to announce that APN Promise is working on a Polish edition. I am hoping we can spread some hardcopies at the Starburst office in Warsaw when it becomes available

Japanese edition

Back over in Asia, specifically in Japan, we have a sizeable Trino community and our Trino maintainer Yuya. Thanks to his great efforts of working with the community and publishers, we are getting close to the reality of a Japanese edition as well.

Other editions

Beyond that I think it would also be great to get Portugese, German, French and other versions happening. So if you are connected to a relevant publisher or part of the Trino community, maybe you can help to convince them that your local community needs a translated version. Reach out to me for relevant help. Thanks again to Matt and Martin for working on the book with me, and O’Reilly and Starburst for their support.

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