Next week is Trino week

And it is going to be amazing. Working on Trino developer relations with Brian and Cole, and all the maintainers and contributors has been keeping me extra busy in the last couple of months. Especially since this is on top of all my work on leading the information engineering team at Starburst and working on the documentation for Starburst Enterprise and Starburst Galaxy. But next week, its all about Trino!

Specifically I am travelling to San Francisco to host the Trino Summit 2022. Besides my activity of working towards organizing a lot of it, I will also be available at the Trino booth and sign copies of our new edition of Trino: The Definitive Guide. Thanks again so much to Starburst for allowing us to organize the event and give out hardcopies of the book.

The presentations will be amazing, and include some really well known brands who are publicly sharing their experience with Trino. I am sure you heard of Apple, Lyft, Shopify or Goldman Sachs. I am really looking forward to meet many users in person and hear about their stories. It will help us improve Trino even more. And of course that will mean that Starburst Galaxy and Starburst Enterprise will also get even better. Win-win-win!

On the day after the summit we will host a Trino Contributor Congregation, and discuss technical details and the future of the project with the maintainers, contributors and the large community of users in Silicon Valley. We will also bring this event virtual soon, so stay tuned!

And just in case you are not registered yet, there is still time to have a look at the agenda and register for free for in-person or virtual attendance. I would love to catch up with you!

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