Maven Repository Provisioner 1.4.0

My trusty Maven Repository Provisioner needed a bit more attention again thanks to some pull requests from users. To make it worth the effort of cutting a release I decided to throw in some further updates.

This lead me down the track of dependency updates in general, and Maven and Maven Resolver updates specifically. As usual those sort of tasks are never without surprises, but then the found obstacles are also always fun to clear out of the way.

And here we are now. The new 1.4.0 release is out and contains numerous minor improvement. Since the last blog post there were a few more releases with some larger improvements. Check out the changelog for more info.

And if you heard nothing about the provisioner yet, its a tool for getting artifacts and their dependencies from one Maven repository to another. Especially useful for repository manager migrations with a smaller, more directed scope. The documentation has a lot more information, so make sure to check it out.

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