Kotlin for polyglot-maven

In the Java/JVM and especially also in the Android eco-system the Kotlin programming language has found many friends and fans. It even is moving into native and web realms these days. With it popularity soaring it spreads out further and it was only natural to bump into the most widely used build system on the JVM – Apache Maven.

While Maven by default uses an XML file format for its model, a number of other dialect including yaml, groovy, scala and others are supported by polyglot-maven project. As Maven committer and maintainer for the polyglot-maven project I was very happy to see a new PR come in that takes the existing Kotlin dialect to new levels of stability.

After some discussions and updates, a merge was done and other things were improved and I cut a new release 0.4.0. Kotlin is now definitely production ready (and in use as such) for your Maven build setup.

Check out the changelog, source and documentation for more details. And of course, also have a look at the examples project.

And if you are using polyglot-maven or want to help with a PR or two, we are happy to help.


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