CLS, OSCON and Devoxx4Kids

This year is was time again to attend the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON. Taking my boys along I took the opportunity to attend and help at the Devoxx4Kids event as well. During OSCON I attended a whole lot of interesting session through a wide array of topics and presented myself as well.

My presentation was called “Getting your ducks in a row – an introduction to managing components in your software supply chain” and I demoed Sonatype Nexus and Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle as example tools to use. You can find more information on the OSCON site and the slides (and source) on github.

You can find some more retrospective in the blog posts I wrote for TheNexus community site:

Some of the presentations I enjoyed a lot were:

Community Management Workshop with Jono Bacon
Attending CLS on Saturday was great as an open event, but this workshop from Jono himself tied things up even better.
Introduction to Planning and Running Tech Events
A very practical overview with lots of useful tips and tricks.
99 Ways to Kill an Open Source Project
It was great to see that I am doing a lot of things right, but also hard to see how many other things I could do…
Creating Trust Organizations
Maybe outside the scope of OSCON as a conference but very inspiring presentation by Bruce Eckel about different ways to run a company.
Kubernetes with Java-based Microservices
As a Java developer this presentation was very interesting to see the power of Docker in action and have a look at things like Kubernetes and usage of the Docker Maven Plugin.
Running Docker in Production
This presentation was full of real world tips and tricks and useful information about approaches that are actually working in production.

Overall it was a great week in Portland and I can definitely recommend OSCON to you. Even though OSCON is moving to Austin and will therefore be further away for me…

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