ksoap2-android 3.4.0 and next steps

Since April 2010 when I took over ownership of the ksoap2-android project, a lot of bug fixes and minor improvements have gone into the project from myself and other contributors. Even though the project is really only in maintenance mode it is still a major choice for anybody having to access SOAP web-services in an Android application. This is what originally got me to use, enhance and in the end adopt and manage the project.

I am currently not needing the library for any applications I am responsible for, but I am still running the project, taking and merging pull requests and cutting releases. It is very actively used in many projects with lots of users in India, China, USA, and Brazil leading. And this brings us to the new release of the ksoap2-android project. It has been over half a year and some small, but nice improvements got contributed. Time to start 2015 with a new release 3.4.0, which is now available on the project site.

Beyond these enhancements in the last release, we have decided to move the project to Java language level 1.5. For usage with J2ME, the project was still using Java 1.3 up until now. In the meantime even Android is at Java 7 level (mostly) and Oracle is working on Java 9 with Java 8 becoming prevalent.

Java 5 will give us things like for-each loop and generics, so its a significant change requested by some contributors allowing them to easily create further improvements. And I don’t believe there are any users still requiring 1.3 language level to run on J2ME or similar platforms. So we are all looking forward to see what these will be and I will continue to release new versions whenever someone asks. Any feedback and concerns are of course always welcome.

Enjoy the new release


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