Launching the Google Developer Group Victoria BC

After starting the Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG over five years ago and running many successful meetings it is time to mix it up. Android and technologies like HTML 5 are taking the center stage of interest for many developers in town and beyond. In order to facilitate all these different interests and technologies I am launching GDG Victoria BC…

The group has been created as an official GDG and is currently in the incubating status. Please follow the Google Plus page and join the mailing list for free membership and staying up to date.

What is a Google Developer Group

A Google Developer Group is a volunteer based, independent developer group focussing on Google related technologies and beyond. Among the many technologies covered are Android, HTML 5, AppEngine, Go, Dart, Chrome, Google + API, YouTube API , Maps API , Google Commerce and many, many more technologies more or less related to Google. We plan to be very open and inclusive.

Membership will be free – just join the mailing list. Attendance of meetings will be free as well – so come join us. There is not excuse!

Going forward

In the coming weeks and months we want to establish regular meetings and other activities like hackathons, Android testing meet ups and more. In order to start coordination activities, spreading the word and gathering members we are going to host a first meeting before Google IO 2012:

xMatters, 947 Fort St., Suite 620, Victoria, BC
Tuesday, 19th of June 2012, 18:00 – 20:00
Anybody interested in joining GDG Victoria BC and potentially helping out

Tasks that are waiting to be discussed and tackled include:

  • Spread the word about the group and grow our membership
  • Find people interested to help running the group
  • Coordinate with other user groups to potentially co-host meetings
  • Decide on web site creation, hosting and maintenance
  • Design a new logo or update the existing one
  • Find sponsors for venue, events, speakers, food, stickers and so on
  • Look for people willing to do presentations, host workshops and more
  • And finally prepare to have lots of fun!

At least two members will attend Google IO this year and I will represent GDG Victoria BC at the group leadership meeting and workshops prior to IO.

Our July meeting will be a recap of various members and their attendance of Google IO 2012 as well as further planning. For the August meeting Matthew McCullough from GitHub will present Git and GitHub usage in a joint GDG Victoria BC and VIJUG event. Later on we can definitely have presentations about Android application development in general, with Maven specifically as well as about testing Android applications, since I have presented about all these topics at AnDevCon and other events in the past.

With this I ask you all to spread the word about the new group and help us with the tasks at hand and anything else you would like to contribute.

I look forward to see many new as well as familiar faces at the upcoming GDG meetings and events.


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