Fireside Chat at AnDevCon III a Roaring Success

I am back from AnDevCon III and had a great time again. It will take me a bit to collect all my thoughts so for today I am just going to tell you how awesome the fireside chat I organized went.

The topic of the fireside chat this time was “Tricks of the Trade” and I was lucky enough to have some of my friends and presenters from AnDevCon on the panel. Mike Wolfson, Daniel Lew, Michael Leahy, Tim McKenzie, Robert Green and myself all have significant expertise and experience in the many aspects of Android development and the eco system around Android as a platform. At the same time all of us have different focus and together we were able to provide incredible value in the discussion with our audience and answers to the many questions.

In fact even though the planned time of 2 hours for the event seemed long, we went way over and only finished with the audience after 2.5 hours and a large number of different topics. Even then many of us carried on after dragging the discussion into the hotel bar into the late night. We had over 40 people in the audience and discussed everything from i18n, marketing, game development and testing to all sorts of highly technical aspects of development.

I am certain we provided a lot of value for everyone that showed up and we all had a blast. I am looking forward to doing it again!


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