Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • Writing a book about #hudsonci I end up doing a whole lot more with the community. Exciting times! #
  • Great work! ♻ @jvanzyl: Sonatype's Maven 3.x integration has been merged into Hudson master. #
  • If google is seriously building a new Java build system, they sure got a serious case of #notinventedhere syndrom. #fail #
  • You can just build it yourself. The sdk tools are FULLY open source! ♻ @michaelg: @droidxav Please release this now 🙂 #
  • So true. I am not holding my breath for it. ♻ @rgladwell: when will Google play nice with their open source projects? #
  • yes.. shame and #fail .. they need a community manager ♻ @rgladwell: how google treat code, it's a real shame #
  • Better late than never 😉 Howdy Stacy♻ @BZK80: Welcome to Twitter, @BZSBurris! #
  • Totally!♻ @donnfelker: Huge morale boost: Work on stuff you REALLY care about 1-2 hours a day. You'll get a lot done and feel a ton better. #
  • ROFL♻ @jamescarr: OH: "I don't think git applies for environments like ours, with many teams and a high level of collaboration" Wait. What? #
  • I propose anybody who sends an autoresponder answer to a mailing list to get fired. Do it. #
  • One of those features you can never live without after you got used to it. ♻ @avolovoy: git stash is sent from heaven #

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