Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • So when is my wifi xoom getting 3.1 here in Canada? @motorola @motodev #
  • Love it when a refactor removes a lot of code, improves readability AND adds new features. #
  • Interesting how Ximian is being reborn as Xamarin like a phoenix. #mono Good luck @migueldeicaza #
  • Awesome! ♻ @hudsonci: The changes Sonatype made to the core for the Maven 3.x integration have been merged to master: #
  • Building the @hudsonci locally to play with the new #maven integration and document it some more. #
  • Totally agree. ♻ @hudsonci: What does the future hold for @Hudsonci – it's a great development! From IT.toolbox #
  • Because they write #android code! ♻ @java: Java Use Increases Among Developers Worldwide: Survey #
  • Great perspective! I agree with @jvanzyl @hudsonci and @jenkinsci should reunite at the eclipse foundation. #
  • The Android API is so big nowadays that I there is always something new and sometimes old to discover.. @AndroidDev #

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