Android Maven Plugin 4.5.0 Released

Wow. It has really been a year since the last release. A whole bunch of changes accumulated and are now available in the new 4.5.0 release for you all to enjoy.

The Android Maven Plugin team is pleased to announce the release of version 4.5.0 of the plugin.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Support for compilation with Jack – currently experimental
  • Ensures AARMojo creates correct AAR structure even when AAR has no resources
  • Update sdk to version 25, Java 8 and fix ResourceClassGenerator to not write final fields
  • Removed Scala example project and IT test
  • Removed native test projects and IT tests
  • Removed NDK related Mojos
  • Improved MultiDex support
  • Increased app title limit on play store publishing

More details can be found in the changelog.

A known issue is that the mojo for emulator start and stop are currently broken due to some SDK changes with the upgrade and move to Java 8.
We are awaiting a pull request from the community to fix it.

We would like to thank the contributors to this release for their valuable help and invite you all to help us out as well. Specifically for this release we would like to thank the following contributors for their awesome work on this release.

Contributors For Current Release

Red Hat as sponsor
SpryLab as sponsor
Hoyt Summers Pittman
Philip Schiffer
Piotr Soróbka
Justin Shapcott
Manfred Moser
Benoit Billington
William Ferguson

Core Committers

Manfred Moser
Benoit Billington
Malachi de AElfweald
Johan Lindquist
William Ferguson

We would also like to thank the Maven and Android community members and everybody else out there for any help we received in our issue tracker and beyond.

Release performed by Manfred Moser

More Information

Documentation, issue tracker and more can be found on the plugin website.

Please join the Maven Android Mailing List for relevant discussions.

Enjoy and congratulations to everyone involved.


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